Tips for Studying With ADHD/ADD


ADHD symptoms can vary from person to person. However, for kids and teens, the disorder can make it difficult to stay focused on a particular subject or task for an extended period.

It’s a common myth that ADHD is some kind of learning disability. With dedication and a few helpful tips, you can improve your study sessions without feeling overwhelmed.

One of the biggest challenges people with ADHD have is finding the motivation to focus on a task. Let’s cover a few strategies you can use to boost your motivation and improve your study habits so you can achieve the success you deserve on your next test or project.

1. Block Out Plenty of Time

If you feel like you’re on a time crunch to study for something, you’re more likely to get overwhelmed. The things you have to look over and the tasks you have to complete can start to seem “bigger” than they really are.

When you see a large pile of work in front of you and not a lot of time to do it, it’s likely that you’ll lose focus and motivation. You’ll feel defeated before you even really begin.

Try to block out plenty of time for your study sessions. Start early, and don’t wait until the night before a test or presentation to look over the material for the first time. This is a good rule of thumb for everyone, but it’s especially important for those with ADHD.

2. Break Larger Tasks Into Smaller Goals

Again, seeing a large amount of work in front of you can be daunting and might make your mind start to wander.

One of the easiest ways to stay focused and motivated is to break down your work into smaller pieces.

The first thing you do when you sit down to study should be creating a list. Put the tasks with the greatest importance at the top, and go down from there. Break them into small goals, and they won’t feel as suffocating. Plus, with each small goal you complete, your confidence will grow. That can give you more motivation to move on to the next task until you’ve completed your study session.

3. Stay Organized

When you’re studying for a big test or presentation, you might have a lot of material to work with. From papers and practice exams to books and binders, having a cluttered study space feels just as overwhelming as not having a lot of time to work.

It’s not always easy for people with ADHD to stay organized. But, when it comes to optimizing your study time, it’s essential.

Try starting with a completely clear desk or table and only taking out what you need when you need it. When you’re done with a particular item, put it away or set it somewhere out of sight until it’s needed again. This will make it easier to focus on one thing at a time without getting distracted by whatever else is around you.

4. Reward Yourself

Sometimes, crossing a section of studying off of your to-do list can be enough of a reward to keep you going. But, if you need a little more motivation to stay focused, treat yourself from time to time.

Did you finish another chapter? Take a break and indulge in your favorite ice cream or get dinner delivered to your front door. Did you ace that practice exam? Celebrate by watching an episode of your favorite show or getting outside for a while for some fresh air.

Rewards serve as great motivational tools. They help to keep you focused, remind you that you’re doing your best, and can keep you from getting frustrated and overwhelmed when you seem to have a ton of work in front of you.

It’s certainly not impossible to have productive study sessions with ADHD. Keep these tips in mind to stay focused, and you might end up actually enjoying that quiet study time.

Seek Professional Help-Start ADD/ADHD Counseling in Scottsdale and Online in Arizona

While emotional and social support is essential, it’s just as important to talk to a professional if you’re dealing with ADHD.

A combination of medication and therapy is often necessary to truly fight back against the symptoms of ADHD. A therapist can help you better understand the disorder and how it might impact your life. They’ll also help you learn how to manage your thoughts and behaviors. Doing so will help you feel more in control, and less like a “victim” of the condition.

Again, an ADHD diagnosis at any age doesn’t define you. If you’ve recently been diagnosed, take the time to process how you’re feeling, but don’t let shame and guilt keep you from experiencing the help and support you deserve. If you’re struggling with your diagnosis, feel free to contact me to set up an appointment soon.

We understand how difficult it can be to navigate life with ADHD.   This is why we are happy to offer a complimentary 20-minute phone consultation with our ADHD/ADD therapist Anissa Hamilin.  Our locations for are located throughout the valley with counseling centers located online in Arizona and in Scottsdale. You can start your therapy journey with Crossroads Counseling by following these simple steps:

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