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Video & Telehealth Therapy
Did you know that therapy is not just about creating an absence of negative feelings, or, conversely, about creating happy feelings.  It is about helping you live a productive life and helping you develop and sustain meaningful relationships.  It’s also about learning and applying the skills needed in order to grow from life’s ups and downs.
– Dr. Neal Houston, Sociologist


Phone Consultation

We offer a complementary 20 minute phone consultation with one of our therapists or counselors Call 623-680-3486 or text 623-688-5115.

Have you wanted therapy but have found it difficult to find time in your busy schedule to set aside time for an office visit?

Would you like to have the convenience to choose between either in office visits or online/phone therapy sessions?

Crossroads Counseling is pleased to offer video and phone based therapy sessions.  Online therapy can be very helpful for many issues.  For instance, a 2014 study in the Journal of Affective Disorders reported that online therapy was just as effective as in person therapy for depression.

Crossroads Counseling utilizes a HIPPA compliant platform that is private, secure, and convenient.  All you need is a device and access to the internet.   You can be anywhere in the state of Arizona to see a counselor or therapist online.

You can easily connect with your therapist right from your computer, tablet, or smartphone.  We recommend that you meet with your online therapist from the privacy of your home or office.  Make sure you are in a space where you will not be interrupted and can focus on your session.

The benefits of Crossroad’s online and video therapy counseling services include:

Sessions from the privacy of your own home, office, or location of your choosing.

  • Access to an AZ Board Licensed Professional Counselor or Licensed Associate Counselor.
  • No need to drive to and from an office.  Save money on gas!
  • Scheduling flexibility and time saving.
  • No worry about seeing someone you know in the waiting room.
  • Unlike many other online therapy services that are not based in Arizona, you have the flexibility to meet your therapist in person when desired.  This is a huge benefit!  Many national online therapy and video therapy companies do not allow you to see your therapist in person.  We do.  If you live near one of our offices in Phoenix or Scottsdale you can schedule a time to see your therapist in person.

Some important items to be aware of when considering video/online therapy:

  • Insurance companies may not reimburse for online therapy sessions.  We encourage you to check with your insurance.  We can help you with the billing process.  Just ask one of our admin team for more information.
  • Our counselors are only licensed to treat clients who are physically in the state of Arizona.  During every online therapy session you will be asked to verify your physical location.  This is because our therapists are only licensed to treat clients in the state of Arizona.
  • Your therapist reserves the right to request that you attend in person therapy sessions if they deem it to be clinically appropriate.  If you do not live close enough to one of our physical locations we can help find a therapist near you.

We offer a complementary 20-minute phone consultation to determine if online or phone therapy is the best option for you!  To get started, please contact us by calling 623-680-3486, texting 623-688-5115, or emailing  Our therapists are highly trained and can help you with issues such as depression, anxiety, trauma, grief, and relationship issues for couples, families, teens and children.  All of these services are offered virtually and online.

Would you rather meet with a counselor or therapist face to face?  Our locations are located throughout the valley with counseling centers located in Phoenix, and Scottsdale. Call 623-680-3486, text 623-688-5115, or email

Online Therapy for Depression, Anxiety, Grief and Loss, and Trauma

Teletherapy is available to work with clients who are suffering from depression, anxiety, grief and loss, and even those struggling with trauma.  For some clients meeting online with a therapist is the best choice as it offers the opportunity to receive mental health services from the comfort of their own home.  For instance, this can be especially helpful in a situation where a client may be suffering with debilitating anxiety that makes it difficult for them to attend therapy sessions in person.

Online therapy utilizing interventions such as EMDR can even be conducted in the treatment of PTSD or trauma.  Many clients have experienced relief and reductions from trauma symptoms by meeting with an online trauma therapist.

There may be clients who are interested in a hybrid approach with both in person therapy and virtual therapy services.  If you live near our Phoenix or Scottsdale offices you can choose this as your preference.

If you want to read more about how online therapy can help those suffering from depression please click here.

Online Therapy for Relationship and Couples

Teletherapy for couples is an effective and convenient way for many couples to work on their relationship.  Many couples have experienced firsthand just how helpful this has been.  Ideally, a couple is in the same physical space together and limits potential interruptions during an online couples therapy session.  However, there are some circumstances where a couple may not be able to be in the same physical space during the session.  Our online/virtual platform can allow couples attend the same virtual session so they still get the support and guidance they need.

Many of our therapists utilize EFCT couples therapy.  EFCT is a highly researched and effective couples therapy intervention that can be implemented in an online format.  Another couples therapy approach our therapists utilize is the Gottman approach.  This approach can also be impactful for couples seeking online couples counseling.

Couples Counseling for One when your spouse/partner does not want to attend couples therapy, when you want to work on yourself in the context of becoming the best spouse/partner you can be, or when you need to work on relationship dynamics without your spouse/partner present is also available in an online therapy format.

Finally, to learn more about online couples therapy click here.

Online Therapy for Children, Families, and Teens

Teletherapy for teens, children, and families is available through Crossroads Counseling.  Our therapists can work with your child or teen through online counseling often providing them with the same service they would receive in person.  There are, of course, some limitations.  For instance, offering sand tray therapy is not available online.  However, there are many creative ways for child therapists can help children.  Parents may need to provide their child with art supplies and other materials to assist in the therapeutic process.  For play therapy, which is often the intervention of choice for younger children, a therapist can utilize the child’s own toys.

Teens often prefer an online format versus meeting in person.  Online teen therapy can be just as helpful and effective as in person sessions.  Keep in mind, what often works the best is a hybrid model consisting of both in person and online therapy sessions.

Finally, there are times when a therapist will meet with the parent(s) and the child together as is the case for online family therapy sessions.  Periodic sessions and/or check-ins with the parents/caregivers is also common practice for both in person therapy and online therapy.

Online Therapy for Christian Counseling

We understand that it is important to work with a therapist that shares your faith.  This is why we offer online therapy for Christian counseling throughout the state of Arizona.  You can meet with a Christian therapist from the comfort of your own home.  If you live near one of our offices located in Scottsdale and Phoenix you can see your therapist both in person and online.  This “hybrid” model is a great option especially for those who are busy or who maybe cannot always make it into the office.  Online Christian counseling is a safe, private, and  convenient option.  Online Christian counseling is available for individuals, couples, children ages 6-18, and for families.  To learn more about Christian counseling click here.  To start your journey towards healing through online Christian therapy call us at call 623-680-3486, text 623-688-5115, or email

Arizona Online Video Therapy & Teletherapy

If you live in Arizona we can work with you.  Our offices are in Phoenix and Scottsdale which you may not be able to get to for in person therapy.  As long as you have access to the internet, a device that can connect to the internet, and live in Arizona we can work with you.  You can meet with a licensed mental health professional even if you live in an area that is more remote.  We encourage you to reach out to learn more about online counseling throughout the state of Arizona.

Common Questions About Telehealth (FAQ’s)

We know that online therapy can bring up understandable hesitations and questions. We are happy to put your mind at ease and provide further information about what to expect.

How does it work?

For current clients, contact your therapist or call the office to ask about scheduling an online appointment.  You can use your phone, computer or tablet to participate and in most cases you do not need to download any software or subscribe to any service. You can talk to your provider as you normally would — it’s that easy!

For new clients, simply call 623-680-3486, text 623-688-5115, or email

Is it confidential?

Absolutely. Our therapists maintain strict confidentiality standards for your protection. This means your sessions cannot be recorded.  Now we can’t completely promise that your therapist’s cat or dog won’t briefly stop in to say hello – but don’t worry, they have been fully trained in our HIPAA protocols!

Will it be covered by my insurance?

Most healthcare plans provide coverage for video therapy, online therapy, and/or telehealth just like in-office therapy. Crossroads can help you with the billing process. To learn more about this option please contact our office by calling 623-680-3486, texting 623-688-5115, or emailing

I’m home with my family and don’t know if I have a private space to talk — any advice?

We appreciate that can be a tricky dynamic. Some of our clients meet for virtual sessions while on a walk or from their backyard. Often our therapists can adjust their schedules to connect with you during less busy times for your household — such as providing sessions on different days and earlier or later than usual. You can also try using headphones and if necessary — or, you can be on the screen but communicating with your therapist by the chat feature, in which you and your therapist can type back and forth.

I’m still not sure online therapy is right for me – maybe I should wait until I can see a therapist in person?

It’s understandable to be reluctant about online therapy.  Many therapists were hesitant too that virtual therapy sessions could be just as effective as meeting in person.  However, during the pandemic therapists and clients alike were pleasantly surprised to learn that online therapy sessions are just as effective as meeting in person.  We encourage you to give online counseling a try.  We think you will join the growing list of therapists and patients/clients that are benefitting from virtual counseling.

The number of people reaching out for services at Crossroads continues to be high.  To meet this need, we have increased our capacity. We are able to make prompt appointments for clients when needed, and we are maintaining extended hours of service daily.

Have telehealth therapy sessions been proven to be effective?

Yes. There have been numerous studies conducted showing that telehealth is just as effective as in-person counseling.

The American Psychiatric Association(APA) published a physician reviewed article in 2017 that notes the following:

“There is substantial evidence of the effectiveness of telepsychiatry and research has found satisfaction to be high among patients, psychiatrists and other professionals. Telepsychiatry is equivalent to in-person care in diagnostic accuracy, treatment effectiveness, quality of care and patient satisfaction. Patient privacy and confidentiality are equivalent to in-person care.”…

According to a 2016 article in the World Journal of Psychiatry:

“…telepsychiatry is comparable to face-to-face services in terms of reliability of clinical assessments and treatment outcomes . . . telepsychiatry performed as well as, if not better than face-to-face delivery of mental health services.”

*Note when seeing the word Telepsychiatry, it is defined by the following –a subset of telemedicine, can involve providing a range of services including psychiatric evaluations, therapy (individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy), patient education and medication management. (APA, 2017)

Any Further Questions or Concerns?

Online counseling allows you to be located anywhere in Arizona and still receive the best mental health counseling.  Reach out to start your journey towards healing by calling us at 623-680-3486, text 623-688-5115, or email

Our team of online therapists provide virtual sessions for couples, families, children, and teens, and individuals.  We offer online counseling services for depression, anxiety, trauma, and grief.

Lastly, telehealth sessions are not appropriate for people who are experiencing suicidal, those who are experiencing a major psychiatric episode, those who require hospitalization, or those who are severely alcohol/chemical dependent.

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