People with ADD (ADHD) often have a special ‘feel’ for life, a way of seeing right into the heart of matters, while others have to reason their way methodically.
– Edward M. Hallowell, M.D. from Delivered From Distraction


Phone Consultation

We offer a complementary 20 minute phone consultation with an ADHD expert. Call 623-680-3486 or text 623-688-5115.

Have You or Someone You Love Been Diagnosed With ADHD ?

If you have been diagnosed with ADHD or if someone you love has been diagnosed with ADHD there is help and hope.  There are many successful people who have not only learned how to live with ADHD, but who utilize their ADHD as a strength and as an asset.

Anissa Hamlin, LAMFT  is Crossroads Counseling’s resident ADHD specialist.  As a mother of a child with ADHD it is her passion to help others process through what it means to live with ADHD and to have the support and tools needed.

ADHD Bootcamp

This four-week ADHD “Boot Camp” is perfect for people who have a documented ADHD diagnosis or live with a loved one with ADHD. The sessions will provide educational insight regarding pertinent aspects of the diagnosis, informational discussions around medication, academic support, and useful recommendations for daily life patterns. The program will also include steps for creating healthy communication, coping and emotional regulatory skills. ADHD folks will be offered support, understanding and skills to live a productive and positive life.  Anissa Hamlin brings her personal and professional experience coupled with her passion to provide both ADHD folks and their parents or partners with supportivetools to create a more peaceful environment personal and home environment.

Program includes:

-Four 50 minute sessions scheduled

with Anissa Hamlin, LAMFT

-One hour of expert review and

resource list provided

-Sessions provided at the Scottsdale office

Cost is $620 For entire package, payment plan options available


But, You Still May Have Questions of Concerns…

I don’t need help  I can manage my ADHD on my own.

The first step to growth is accepting the reality that no one can do it alone.  Every person diagnosed with ADHD can benefit from having a guide who can help you and your family as you navigate life.

I’m too busy with career, family, other responsibilities to get help.

We get that your plate is full.  However, you can’t be your best self and take care of others and manage all of your responsibilities if you do not prioritize your own self-care.  You will eventually burn out.  We understand that it may not be possible for you to take the time to meet in person at our Scottsdale location.  This is why we offer online therapy (sometimes referred to as telehealth, teletherapy, and/or video therapy) services in Phoenix, Scottsdale, and in Arizona. You can meet online with an ADHD expert therapist that understand what living with ADHD is like from the comfort of your home and during a time that is most convenient for you.  To learn more about our online therapy services in Arizona click here.

The cost is prohibitive.

We understand how finances can be an obstacle for some in receiving the help they need and deserve.  We offer 6 month deferred interest financing (you pay no interest if the amount borrowed is paid in full by month 6) through CareCredit.  To learn more about this payment option please ask our administration team when you call.

I’m not sure what to expect.

No problem.  Just call Crossroad’s Counseling at 623-680-3486 text us at 623-688-5115 or email and ask to speak with ADHD therapist Anissa Hamiln for a 20 minute complementary phone consultation.  You can ask her all the questions you have and see if the ADHD Bootcamp  a good fit for you. We serve areas of the valley including Phoenix, Anthem,   Online throughout Arizona, and Scottsdale.

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