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Are you struggling to find fulfillment in your relationship?

Have you and your partner fallen into negative cycles, engaging in the same arguments over and over again? Are you searching for a renewed sense of clarity and direction in your relationship? Do feelings of uncertainty in your relationship make you feel anxious and confused? Are you ready to make a positive change, but have a partner who is reluctant to come into therapy with you?

You may want to grow as a partner but lack the resources to move forward on your own. You may be looking for some guidance to reconnect with your partner, or even a “relationship coach” to help you do so. Do you want to feel confident and secure in yourself and the connection with your partner once again? Do you long for mutual respect and understanding in your relationship?

Many Couples Go Through Difficult Periods

There are many reasons that a relationship can become stressful. The drastic changes that come with children, issues with intimacy, conflict in the home, and a general lack of closeness are just a few factors that contribute to uncertainty and anxiety in a relationship. Many couples fall into unhealthy patterns and struggle to get out of them. This can make communicating freely and effectively with each other increasingly difficult.

Many times when couples go through a difficult period, there is one person who feels the need to seek therapy more than the other. The other person may be skeptical of counseling or unwilling to come in at all. It is also possible that you are unsatisfied with your relationship and long for the opportunity to talk about some issues without your partner there. Luckily, relationships can experience positive change from either one of the partners taking the initiative to change.

Is Your Relationship at Risk?

Is Your Relationship At Risk?

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What is Your Attachment Style

What’s Your Attachment Style?

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Couples Counseling For One Can Give You Clarity In Your Relationship

When you find your relationship stressful, couples counseling for one can help you find clarity on a personal level. Though a relationship is made up of two people, one person committed to making a change can still significantly shift the relationship. Many people desire amore meaningful connection in their relationship and a better understanding of their role as a partner, but struggle to create meaningful change. That’s where our Crossroads therapists come in.

The third-party perspective that our therapists provide can help bring light to issues that you may not be able to see for yourself. We work to understand your relationship by creating a non-judgmental environment to allow you to explore your and your partner’s unmet needs and desires. This understanding helps us assess areas in the relationship that we think have room for improvement. We then provide you with the appropriate tools for you to start making changes.

Oftentimes, an important part of improving a relationship is learning how to communicate with your partner effectively with openness and vulnerability. You may have unsatisfied needs that contribute to you feeling frustrated that your partner may not be aware of. The ability to express yourself confidently and appropriately is a skill that can be learned individually and applied in a relationship for mutual benefit.

Taking the initiative to make changes, like communicating more effectively, models the confident and open nature that you desire in your relationship. When your partner sees the benefit that comes with your strides to improve the relationship, they may be able to see the value of therapy. Either way, with or without your partner present in therapy, an open attitude and the right therapist can make you the catalyst for the positive change you wish to see in your relationship.

But, You May Still Have Questions Or Concerns…


Can couples counseling for one really work without the other person present?

Many couples fall into unhealthy behavioral patterns with each other. Although it takes two people to forge these patterns, it only takes one person to break the cycle, allowing for positive changes to take place. There are some inherent limitations without the presence of both people. However, if one person is able to make a constructive change with the help of couples counseling for one, the relationship can greatly benefit from it.

Does coming into couples counseling for one mean that my relationship is doomed?

Many couples go through rough patches. The unpredictability of life means that you and your partner are constantly learning how you both act and react in different scenarios and stressful situations. Seeking therapy by yourself lets you learn skills and tools to use in your relationship. Oftentimes when your partner sees the positive effect that your willingness to change has on the relationship, they may become more willing to participate in therapy with you, or begin to respond more positively toward you whether they come in to therapy sessions or not.

Is Couples Counseling for One available online?

Yes.  You can meet with a couples counselor online to process through your thoughts, feelings, wants, needs, desires, etc. from the convenience of your home.  Our platform is safe, secure, and confidential.  You can participate in online (sometimes called video therapy, teletherapy, telehealth) couples counseling for one starting today.  To learn more click here.

Shouldn’t I be able to handle this by myself?

We all get stuck in negative routines or patterns in life from time to time.Seeking help from a professional doesn’t mean that you are weak, but rather that you care about your relationship and wellbeing enough to utilize different tools than the ones you currently possess. The valuable third party perspective that our therapists at Crossroads provide helps you see things that you may not be able to recognize by yourself.

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