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 We were born with the craving for connection. Each of us every day look for evidence that we are not alone.  Lisa Prosen

Do You Want More Out Of Your Relationship?

Relationships are in a constant state of flux. As you grow and change, it is natural for your relationships to change and grow with you. However, learning to grow as a couple can be complicated. You may struggle to communicate effectively with your partner, resulting in constant fighting with no real resolution. Or perhaps you and your partner or spouse have withdrawn from each other and fail to interact much at all. Do you want to feel closer and more connected in your relationship? Do you long for the strong emotional and physical connection that you used to feel? At Crossroads, we are passionate about helping couples thrive in their relationships through the help of couples counseling. Our approach is powerful and effective because we help you find the root causes of your obstacles and work from the ground up. We understand that there are many different approaches to couples therapy, which is why we offer several methods that are each tailored to your specific needs, including couples counseling for one, premarital counseling and couples therapy for long-term relationships and marriages. Whatever your situation is, if you are committed to bettering your relationship, we go all out in helping you restore and nurture a successful partnership with couples therapy in our Phoenix and Scottsdale Relationship Centers.


Couples Therapy For One

Even if your partner or spouse is not open to seeking out counseling together, couples counseling for one is a valuable option. At Crossroads, we believe that there can be positive growth and change in a relationship by working on yourself. By learning more about yourself, you can better understand the importance of your role in the relationship. If you are open to change, our therapists work to help you how to learn to become a better partner in the relationship.

Premarital Couples Counseling

Approaching marriage can be both an exciting and overwhelming time. This is also a valuable time to establish a strong relational foundation for the many years to come. Whether you and your partner simply want to be prepared for this next step or you find that you are both a little distressed as you approach the new commitment, premarital couples counseling can help get both of you on the same page. Premarital counseling focuses on creating a foundation of communication so that you can successfully navigate important issues jointly. Creating a safe, secure environment to talk about managing finances, how many children you may or may not want, and life goals in general is important for you both to feel understood and fulfilled in your relationship. A solid foundation of communication makes the transition to married life more smooth and sets you both up for a satisfying, lasting relationship. Crossroads puts an emphasis on communication first in our approach to premarital couples counseling.

Couples Therapy For Marriages and Relationships

Many long-term couples fall into unhealthy communication patterns. It may seem as if you are constantly fighting and lack any productivity in these conflicts. You may also feel withdrawn from each other, unable to connect in the way that once brought you together. Oftentimes, when negative patterns become deeply ingrained in a relationship, it is difficult to recognize these patterns. At Crossroads, we help you identify the root of your issues within the relationship and give you tools to help break these unhealthy habits. We are committed to working with couples from the ground up to create a safe place to express unmet needs and desires. Our therapists work with you side-by-side to help you and your relationship get to a happy, healthy place.

Affairs and Infidelity Counseling

Affairs and infidelity are devastating to any marriage or relationship.  The road to recovery and repair is overwhelming, confusing, and scary.  You may be asking yourself:  Is it even possible to rebuild trust and safety after an affair?  What does the process of healing look like?  How could this even happen?  What if my spouse/partner does not want to reconcile?  Will I, or will we, ever be able to recover?  Counseling for affairs can help you figure out the answers to all of these questions.  The process of recovery is difficult but not impossible.  Both parties must be committed to one another and the process.  Our therapists will work with you as a guide and an expert to help bring restoration to your marriage and/or relationship.

Are You Ready To Get More Out of Your Relationship?

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