Teen Girls Therapy Group

Good habits formed at youth make all the difference.
– Aristotle.


Phone Consultation

We offer a complementary 20 minute phone consultation with one of our therapists or counselors Call 623-680-3486 or text 623-688-5115.

Is your teen daughter struggling to manage her emotions and behaviors?

Are they overwhelmed with anxiety?  Are they overly depressed and sad?  Maybe they are struggling to manage and control emotions such as anger and frustration. If you have tried to help your teen with little to zero effectiveness perhaps Crossroads Counseling’s Teen Girls Therapy Group is what you are looking for.

Is this group right for my teen?

The Teen Girls Therapy Group can be helpful for teens who struggle with:

  • identity formation/self-esteem
  • healthy communication
  • boundaries
  • coping skills & self-care
  • managing difficult emotions such as anxiety, depression, and anger
  • peer and family issues
  • healthy relationships
  • focusing forward

This group will have the most impact when it is utilized in conjunction with teen therapy or family therapy.  The best outcome for your teen will be when your teen is working with a teen counselor at Crossroads and is attending this group

I’m ready!  How do I get started?

This group is open to teens ages 13-18. The group will be once a week for 6 weeks. Group is available for current clients.  If you are not a current client you will need to complete an assessment prior to be enrolled into the group.  Cost is $25 per group session and a commitment of 6 weeks is required.  Group starts 4/2/2024 and runs through 5/7/2024. 

Space is limited and we do ask for the teen to be registered for the group. Making the decision to seek help for your teen can be intimidating, which is why we offer a complimentary 20-minute phone consultation. When you’re ready to explore how the Teen Girls Therapy Group give us a call at 623-680-3486, text 623 688-5115  or email info@crossroadsfcc.com.

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