Depression Counseling
Sad things happen. They do. But we don’t need to live sad forever.
– Mattie Stepanek


Phone Consultation

We offer a complementary 20 minute phone consultation with one of our therapists or counselors Call 623-680-3486 or text 623-688-5115.

Do You Find Yourself Stuck In A Depression?

Are you experiencing chronic feelings of sadness? Do you often feel anxious without much provocation? Have you lost interest in hobbies that you once loved? Maybe you are having a difficult time connecting with your partner physically, and lack interest in sex. Does trouble sleeping or eating leave you feeling constantly run-down? Do feelings of overwhelming exhaustion cause you to spend hours in bed?

Do you feel a general sense of hopelessness toward your life? Are your romantic, personal, and work relationships suffering? Have you tried to break free of these strong feelings of depression, but struggle to experience real change? Are you tired of feeling depressed? Do you want control over your own happiness again?

Everyone Experiences Feelings Of Sadness

We all have days where we feel sad or hopeless. Normal feelings of sadness may be caused by a loss, a disappointment or a medical condition, and the feelings lessen over time. However, depression is different from feeling sad or blue. The type of prolonged despondency that qualifies as depression is a medical condition that can be diagnosed and treated.

That’s where depression counseling comes in. Depression is treatable. There are many different forms and levels of depression, and hence, many approaches to treatment. And while you may have tried to move forward on your own, if you can’t seem to shake feelings of despair and chronic sadness, it is time to seek professional help.

A professional can provide you with the strategies and tools to overcome depression. Sometimes all it takes to break free of depression is the ability to change unhealthy patterns. To accomplish this, at Crossroads, we use several different approaches in depression counseling, specified to your personal needs.

Depression Counseling At Crossroads Can Help You Create Positive Changes

Depression CounselingDepression affects many people and luckily is highly treatable. The earlier that we are able to identify whether you are suffering from depression the better. Though medication has been shown to be effective in the treatment of depression, we focus on helping you fully understand the way depression takes control of your brain on a neurological level. The triggers behind depression can be situational; the result of a traumatic event; due to relationship difficulties; associated with postpartum hormonal changes; or caused by abuse or neglect that took place in childhood. Taking the time to understand why depression is affecting you is important for you to grasp why we choose a specific treatment for you.

We use several methods and approaches in depression counseling. Our approach varies from person to person, based on your specific situation. With your help, we begin by taking a full history of your experiences and symptoms. With an increased knowledge of how depression operates, we help you begin an integrative approach to treatment.

Some of our methods include:

  • Behavioral therapy: the focus is on your actions, what you are doing, and what you can do differently, and how to break unhealthy cyclical habits.
  • Cognitive therapy: the focus is on your thoughts, what you are thinking, and how you can change your thought process to be more positive.
  • Person as a whole: focus on your overall life balance, your support system, and nutrition.

With openness, patience, and the right therapist, depression counseling can help you regain control over your life and happiness.

Are You Concerned You Might Be Suffering From Depression?

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But, You May Still Have Questions Or Concerns…

I am ashamed to admit that I need depression counseling.

Many people experience feelings of being depressed throughout different times in their lives. You are not alone. It takes courage to decide that it is time to change, and break free from patterns that trigger depression. There is no shame in wanting to learn new tools and strategies that will help you move on to a healthier, happier state of mind.

I know that I am struggling with depression, but I don’t have the time or energy to go through depression counseling.

Most people who struggle with depression feel stuck and unable to make a substantial change. It can seem too daunting of a task to make these changes by yourself. It is common to feel that you are beyond hope.

At Crossroads, we support you by focusing on your goals to help move out of depression. We work to establish a welcoming environment that helps you speak honestly and openly with us so we can understand your personal journey. Within a safe and secure therapeutic setting, depression counseling gives you the tools to move toward a more positive direction outside of treatment.

I’ve already tried everything. This isn’t going to work.

An important aspect of moving past depression is understanding the way that your brain works neurologically. Each person’s symptoms and experience with depression is different, making each person’s treatment different. We make sure to fully understand your history with depression and work to create a treatment plan that best suits you.

Is depression counseling available online?

As long as you have a connection to the internet and a device and live in Arizona you can meet with a therapist online for depression counseling.  It is safe, secure, convenient, and allows you to meet with a therapist from the comfort of your home.  To learn more about online (sometimes called video therapy or teletherapy) depression therapy in Arizona click here.

I’m ready to break free from depression!  What are my next steps?

It is normal to feel anxious about seeking depression counseling, even when you feel that it is the best decision for you. We understand that finding the right depression therapist for you is as important as the decision to seek counseling in the first place. That is why we offer a complementary 20-minute phone consultation. Our Relationship Centers are located throughout the valley with counseling centers located in Phoenix, Anthem, Biltmore, Paradise Valley, Online in all of Arizona, and Scottsdale.   If you are ready to take the next step to find relief from depression call us at 623-680-3486 or text 623-688-5115. Or email

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