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Always kiss you children goodnight, even if they’re already asleep.
– H. Jackson Brown Jr.


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Have You Noticed Worrying Behavior From Your Child?

Does you child seem chronically sad or exhibit a sense of hopelessness? Is he or she acting out in anger or overreacting to situations in an effort to draw more attention to themselves? Perhaps you’ve noticed that your child has withdrawn and would rather be alone than with other children. They may have lost interest in activities that they used to find enjoyable and exciting. You may have even heard them using negative self-talk. Whatever the shift may be, do you find yourself worrying that something bigger is going on?

Many Children Go Through Confusing Times

Young children ages 6-12 are developing at an incredibly fast rate on many levels. At this age, they oftentimes don’t yet have the skills to express themselves properly, which can be frustrating and cause them to act out in various ways.  However, these are the years that they are setting foundational building blocks for the future and learning how to relate to the world, making it an important time for them to develop a conscious awareness of how they react. Once they are able to understand their emotions, they can then learn to express themselves adequately.  Our child counselors can help children process their emotions and experiences through play therapy and sandtray therapy.  These techniques are especially helpful for children who have experienced trauma or who are struggling with depression and anxiety.

Child Counseling With Crossroads Can Help Your Child

The ability to communicate emotions and express sadness, anger or frustration appropriately are skills that can be difficult for children to develop on their own. At Crossroads, we understand the importance of building a strong foundation for adolescence and eventually adulthood. That’s why we offer child counseling services to help children learn emotionalmaturity and awareness at a young age. We facilitate this process through two main approaches of therapy: cognitive therapy and behavioral therapy. Cognitive therapy focuses on the child’s thought process and how it is affecting them. Our cognitive therapy is anchored in helping the child tune into what they are thinking, and then giving them the power to learn how to change those thoughts when necessary. Behavioral therapy focuses more closely on the child’s reactions and behaviors in general. The end goal of both of these approaches is to increase the child’s awareness regarding how they express themselves through both words and actions. We understand that in order for counseling to work, your child needs to feel safe and secure. That’s why we do everything we can to make your child comfortable in ourtherapeutic setting by using non-intimidating methods of communication. These methods often use “play” as a means of communication. This therapy can involve playing a card game, playing with playdough, or any other type of toy to first create an open setting. Once your child is comfortable, we have the opportunity to communicate with them more openly. Even if they are unable to verbally express their feelings, they often express themselves through their method of play. At Crossroads, we want you to be involved in your child’s therapy process as well by incorporating you into occasional sessions. By doing this, you’ll understand what you child is going through and strengthen your bond of love and trust with them. Bringing your child into counseling at a young age gives them the opportunity to build their emotional awareness early on. We believe in helping build happy lives from the beginning.

In addition to cognitive, behavioral, and play therapy interventions, many of the child therapists at Crossroads also work from an attachment framework.  We can help you and your child create and maintain a safe and secure bond so that your child is securely attached.  Research demonstrates how securely attached children are less anxious, more confident, and comfortable in their own skin.  Securely attached children are more successful at exploring the world which promotes learning and growing.  To learn more about attachment and parenting click here.

But, You May Still Have Questions Or Concerns…

Sad girl

They’re just a kid. They will grow out of this.

These are important foundational years in a child’s life. It is during this time that children learn how to cope with the world. Bringing your child in to child counseling gives them the opportunity to create strong building blocks as they move forward into adolescence.

Child counseling is too expensive.

You cannot place a price on a child’s ability to freely and confidently express themselves in ways that are socially appropriate, emotionally fulfilling, and lead to lasting happiness. Child counseling builds important foundational life stills at a young age. These skills are life-long tools that they will use for years to come.

Our family is already too busy. We don’t have time for child counseling.

We live in a society that tends to be over-scheduled and over-stimulated. As a parent, it is easy to become busy to the point of exhaustion. We understand that families are now busier than ever. However, no after-school soccer game or dance practice is worth forgoing the opportunity to help a child feel worthwhile. Our therapists work with your child to help them learn self-worth and independence. Child counseling is worth making time for because it gives your child the life-long tools that they need and deserve to be happy.

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We understand that the decision to bring your child into counseling can be intimidating as a parent, which is why we offer a complementary 20-minute phone consultation. When you are ready to help your child build the strong foundational blocks that they need for a successful future please reach out to us. Our locations for family therapy are located throughout the valley with counseling centers located in Phoenix, Anthem, Biltmore/Arcadia, Paradise Valley, Arizona online counseling, and Scottsdale.   Call us at 623-680-3486,text 623-688-5115, or email

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