Guest blog by the Rev. Kristin Willett.    

Summer!!! If I am being honest the implied excitement behind all of those exclamation points was inauthentic.  I wish it wasn’t, but the joy and anticipation of my childhood summer breaks just isn’t replicable at this point.  I remember sleeping-in late, or instead waking up at the break of dawn–it was summer, I could do whatever I wanted!  We spent endless hours swimming, stayed up late watching movies, played with the other kids in the neighborhood, and had time to get bored. Those summer memories are a far cry from my present summer routine of juggling the dreams of 4 kids 10 and under, working a full-time job, and managing the responsibilities of a household.  I can’t remember the last time I felt bored.  While I know that I can’t take a three month vacation from my responsibilities, I am also confident that those summer days of my childhood were important.  They were restorative to my soul and my mental health.  They helped me stay grounded and ready for the academic routine to get started again in the fall.  

How are you carving out time (even small chunks) to restore yourself this summer?  Have you made space in your routine to rest and do a check in on your mental health?  We get so busy with the “to-do” lists and our responsibilities that we actually believe that we don’t have time to take care of our own needs, but addressing your own mental health is essential to the health of all of your relationships and ability to live into your responsibilities fully. 

Crossroads Counseling offers a variety of services that can aid in your efforts of caring for your mental health and creating space for restoration.  We would love to help connect you with a counselor or a group class.  Take the first step and our office to learn more on how counseling can help (623-680-3486 or text us at 623-688-5115). Email us at to get any questions answered. Crossroads also offers a complementary 20 minute phone consultation with someone on our counseling staff.  Blessings on your summer!  May it have moments of deep connection and restoration!


Rev. Willett is the pastor of First Light Fellowship in Anthem, AZ, mother of four between the ages of 2 & 10, and helps manage Crossroads Counseling’s social media presence.