What is the Purpose of My Brain: Spiritual Healing and Salvation

Special guest blogger Dr. Paul Nussbaum is author of, “What is the Purpose of My Brain?”.  Dr. Nussbaum’s new book is published by Tate Publishing can be found by clicking here.  You may also visit Dr. Nussbaum’s website at www.brainhealthctr.com.

What is the Purpose of My Brain: Spiritual Healing and Salvation

by Dr. Paul Nussbaum.

It is a pleasure to provide this short blog on my new book. For the past 20 years I have traveled internationally speaking about what I call “the single greatest miracle ever designed-the brain.” Part of my mission has been to educate the general public about this miracle that sits between our ears and how we can shape our brains for health all across the lifespan.  

While this work represented a significant departure from my more traditional path as a neuropsychologist, this new book really reflects an even greater pivot in my career and professional/personal journey. The book underscores a spiritual calling for me to explore whether or not the “miracle” that is the brain does indeed have a more grand purpose.

Similar to the complexities of the universe, the human brain is still a highly complicated mystery. Do we have a brain simply to think, remember, relate, emote, and move for the 80 years we exist on the planet? Perhaps. However, what if the human brain was granted us by a higher power for purposes known only by God. Might the brain be the conduit to commune with God, to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ (or not) and to ultimately heal within, serve others, and to lead the life Christ taught all many years ago?

The book turns to Christianity and the teachings of Jesus Christ as a means of exploring such foundational matters of existence and the role the human brain might play. The book offers guidance for how all of us can benefit from being open to the Holy Spirit inside us, and the power of sharing such healing energy with others. Emphasis is granted to the Spiritual Medicines we have within our brains and the neuroanatomy that permits our spiritual healing to be expressed and felt.

For a unique perspective on the human brain, Christianity, and the interface of the two as a powerful means for internal healing and communion with all around us, consider a read of my new book.

God Bless,

Dr. Nussbaum