How to Connect During This Time of Fear And Social Distancing


Peace be with you!

These are difficult and scary times for all us.  Our offices closed and we went to online sessions Monday.  It’s only been a few days of being at home and practicing social distancing, but I can attest to how it has already negatively impacted my heart, soul, mind, and body.  I can literally feel the heaviness of all the stress and uncertainty.

I am sure that many of you do too.  In fact, I believe I am not alone in my loneliness.  I am not alone in my stress, fear, and anxiety.  As a therapist who believes in the power of connection I have had to slow down my racing thoughts and lift my heavy heart to remember that what I need, what we all need, is relationship.

We get through this together.  Not separate.  Not alone and disconnected.  Together.  Reaching out with our fears, worries, stress, sadness, and heaviness.  Reaching out with our needs for comfort, care, support, perspective, advice, and feedback.

It is through the power of connecting to others in an authentic way that allows for our needs to be met so that we can remain calm and carry on.  It’s as a community that looks out for one another especially the sick, weak, and most vulnerable among us that we get through this.  We are all social distancing right now out of this principle.  It is one of the best ways we can express our love for our neighbors during this time.

While we cannot be together physically we are fortunate enough that we live in the digital age.  We can easily get connected and stay connected.  We can see others “face-to-face” through video conferencing.  We can stay connected to our family, friends, and others while we are practicing social distancing.

I admit I was skeptical about this medium for therapy.  That was before I conducted a few online counseling sessions both as a client myself and in my role as a therapist to others.  What amazed me was that even though I was not sitting in the same physical location the power of human connection was still there.  The ability to implement therapeutic interventions was still present.  The client was able to process their emotions, identify their needs, share them, and to receive the good.  This transferred into feeling less fearful, being more present, and being ready to face the challenges of the day.

My friends, fear cannot survive where there is connection.  There is no doubt we are in a time of uncertainty.  No one knows what tomorrow holds.  However, what can and should remain certain is the power of relationship and that we need one another more now than ever before.

My hope is that you will take encouragement that you are not alone.  There are people who care.  There is help for those who need it.  We are here to help you with your fears and pain.  We are here to do our best to help you not only connect to a therapist but to connect to those who matter to you the most:  God, your spouse/partner, child, or family member.  All you have to do is reach out.  Will you?

And also with you!