Counseling for Men

Men's Counseling

Counseling for Men

Are you a guy who is looking for a counselor who is uniquely qualified to help you?  Do you want practical solutions and guidance for the challenges you are facing?  For many men seeking help with issues such as depression, anxiety, or even for relationships is viewed as a sign of weakness.  However, all of us need help from an expert at different points in our lives.  For instance, if you are looking to lose weight and add some muscle you might seek out a professional trainer who could assist in learning how to eat, train, and stay disciplined.  Counseling for men works in this same way except instead of focusing on your body we focus on your psychological, mental, and emotional health!

Mens Counseling and Coaching
Men’s Counseling and Coaching

As a Phoenix and Scottsdale counselor for men I have worked with hundreds of guys who want to improve their lives.  I have helped men just like you learn how to better manage their emotions and to live better lives.  When I provide men’s therapy I look at is if I am serving as a coach. Like many men I played sports growing up.  Basketball was my sport!  I was no Michael Jordan by any stretch of the imagination but I had some raw talent.  It took a coach who believed in me, pushed me, and equipped me with the tools I needed for me to reach my full potential as a basketball player.  Men’s counseling is similar to this process.  We work together to identify your goals and the steps needed to achieve those goals.

My specialty as a men’s counselor is in the area of relationships.  Having been married now for almost 14 years and with 3 kids I have learned what it takes be a husband and father.  Like many men I had difficulty connecting emotionally with my wife and to a certain degree my kids too.  I did not know how to effectively manage my emotions so I would often express them with frustration or anger which would only hurt those I love.  I would then just shut down because I did not want to make it worse.  It was not until I learned how to identify my deeper emotions and then share what I was feeling and needed did things begin to change.  My marriage improved, and I felt happier.

All men struggle from time to time.  Men have learned how to appear okay on the outside when they really are not okay.  There may be feelings of isolation, sadness, or fear.  Maybe it is the feeling that you are missing out on something in life.  If this is your experience you are not alone.  This is why in addition to men’s counseling for relationships we also focus on helping men who are struggling with depression, anxiety, stress, faith, sexual purity, career, and in situations where you just want to live a happier and more fulfilled life.

Next Steps…

Deep down inside most men want to make the ones they love happy and want to be happy.  With men’s counseling at our Phoenix and Scottsdale Relationship Centers we can help you to do this by showing you how to connect through communicating your thoughts, feelings and needs with greater clarity.  We can also empower you with the tools you’ll need to achieve your goals.  Let us be your coach/counselor and show you how can reach your full potential.   Our team of of counselors for men would be honored to help and your relationship. Our offices are conveniently located throughout the Valley of the Sun including Phoenix, Anthem, and Scottsdale. We offer services throughout the state of Arizona through our private and convenient virtual-online therapy.  We would be honored to support you in your growth process. You can start men’s counseling by following these simple steps:

  1. Contact Crossroads Counseling
  2. Meet with a men’s therapist
  3. Begin improving your relationship

Call us at 623-680-3486,text 623-688-5115, or email  You can ask all the questions you have and see if men’s therapy at Crossroads is the right fit for you