7 Common Problems Solved With Family Therapy

7 Common Problems Solved With Family Therapy

Every household has its conflicts, dramas, and stress points.

Sometimes a marriage falters, sibling rivalry is out of control, or teenage rebellion complicates the family puzzle.

That’s where family counseling can do some of its most valuable work. Consider these 7 common problems family counseling helps solve:

  1. Parenting struggles

Parenting is a rewarding and gratifying experience. Sometimes. And sometimes it’s just plain hard. You can devote yourself to your children, and still find yourself yelling at your teen’s locked door, or meeting with your child’s school principal… again.

Family counseling provides some perspective and support, when parenting feels like too much. A family counselor can help you recognize, appreciate, and appropriately respond to the developmental stages your child is going through. Even during his or her toughest transitions. Expertise, guidance, and support help keep parent-child relationships balanced, respectful, and enjoyable.

  1. Marital drift or disappointment

Marriage is a worthwhile and fulfilling experience. Sometimes. And sometimes it just doesn’t live up to the romantic dream.

Every marriage needs as much support and reinforcement as it can get. Family counseling is the answer to the miscommunication, and unresolved issues, that can build walls between you and your partner. Solutions can come through regularly scheduled sessions, meant for safe emotional sharing and conflict resolution.

  1. Communication challenges

The beauty of family counseling is that it pays attention to the needs of individual members, as well as the family unit, in facilitating supportive communication. Counseling sessions may focus on the problematic dynamic between a couple of members.  Or your therapist may gather members together to ensure everyone has their say.

To recreate a sense of belonging and goodwill, the communication strategies encouraged help families learn to effectively listen and share.


  1. Problematic family blending

To accomplish the monumental task of melding homes, children, work schedules, disciplinary styles, and much more, you need therapy. It’s the right thing to do for everyone’s sanity, and the establishment of a unique family identity.

Sessions that work through questions of love and loyalty, as well as respect and responsibility, can be a respite and relief for everyone. Parents appreciate the objective perspective of another adult. Kids need a safe place to work through the avalanche of changes, losses, and expectations.

  1. Coping with a family member’s illness

Again, families are units. Suffering for one member signals suffering for all in some way. Family counseling weighs this carefully, especially when one of the unit’s members is not able to function well physically or mentally.

Therapy directs attention to the family as a whole, instead of directing all the group’s emotional work toward the person with the illness. Solutions ensure the safety and stability of the group.

  1. Divorce recovery

The changes, sorrow, resentments, and accommodations that accompany divorce are addressed well by family counseling. Issues of co-parenting and household adjustment can be eased by the presence of an objective therapist.

Family counseling can help correct a family’s unproductive or destructive coping mechanisms, boost communication, and improve emotional expression during one of the most stressful periods a family will endure.

  1. Adult family-of-origin issues

It would be great if all our family problems were resolved during our childhood. Unfortunately, many issues fester for years, only to create adult-sized problems. Committed adult children and elderly parents can still resolve painful conflicts, misunderstandings and resentment with the help of a family counselor. Sessions may also provide insight to family patterns that affect your current family as well.

Family counseling is wise time investment. When the family unit is cohesive and goal oriented, coming together comes more easily. Producing memories happens more happily. And love and respect keep growing, long after counseling sessions are done.

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