Is My Relationship Making Me Depressed And Anxious?

Depression and Anxiety Triggers.

Depression and anxiety are serious clinical disorders that often have several causes.  People can become depressed or suffer from anxiety due to biological or chemical causes.  One could also have a genetic disposition towards depression and/or anxiety.  Health, hormones, and possibly even one’s diet could be factors.  Life events such as job loss, illness, moving, or losing a loved can all trigger clinical depression and/or anxiety.  Before we go further I want to identify the signs and symptoms of both clinical depression and anxiety to help us understand what to look for in ourselves or in loved one.

DepressedDepression Signs.

The common signs and symptoms of depression are chronic feelings of sadness or feeling empty.  A person will often lose interest in activities they once enjoyed.  It is difficult for them to feel happy or to experience joy.  They may be irritable, angry, and short. Feeling tired and either sleeping too much or not being able to sleep enough are common.  Appetite is also impacted either by eating too much or too little.  Feeling fatigued and decreased energy are also common.  This list is not meant to be exhaustive but rather an overview of common depression symptoms.  To take a quiz to learn if you are depressed, click here.



Anxiety Signs.

Anxiety is characterized by feelings of worry, panic, and fear.  One might feel restless, powerless, apprehensive, have trouble concentrating, or have feelings of impending doom.  Uncontrollable, unwanted, and intrusive thoughts are also general symptoms of anxiety.  Many people who suffer from anxiety will also experience panic attacks.  A person having a panic attack may feel like they are going to die or that they are having a heart attack.  The heart races, it is difficult to catch one’s breath, feeling dizzy, faint, or ill is also common.  There is also a feeling of dread or doom.

Is My Relationship Make Me Depressed And Anxious?

It is good to be aware of the signs and symptoms of depression and anxiety and to know many of the triggers.  The reality is there are many different triggers for the onset of depression and/or anxiety.  The question I am asking is as follows: “Is it possible for one’s relationship(s) to trigger depression and/or anxiety?  The answer is yes. What we know is that distress in relationships of all kinds can trigger sadness and feelings of worry or fear.  We are relational beings that need connection and closeness not just because it feels good but also for survival.  As a result, depression can occur when we are disconnected or in conflict with a loved one whether that be our spouse, partner, or family member.  We can feel anxious and fearful during times of uncertainty in a relationship.

The point I am making is that we are interdependent to the extent that our emotional well being, indeed our very survival, is dependent on our relationships.  If a relationship can bring us joy and peace it can also bring us depression and anxiety.  If you believe that you are depressed or anxious as a result of a relationship difficulty in your life rest assured that there is help.  The counselors at Crossroads understand that those suffering with depression and anxiety are hurting and just want to feel better.  We have helped many in our Phoenix and Scottsdale Relationship Centers to learn the skills and tools they need to not only combat depression and anxiety but to also have healthier relationships.

We believe that the best buffer against depression and anxiety is having safe, secure, loving, trusting, and connected relationship(s) with others.  This does not mean that those who have great relationships will never experience sadness or fear.  What it means is that we are all stronger and more resilient when we know someone has our back.

Next Steps

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