Phoenix Couples Therapy for One

Phoenix Couples Therapy for One

Couples Therapy for One

Couples Therapy for One

What do you do when you are in a troubled relationship that would benefit from couple’s therapy but your spouse/partner does not want to attend?  How do you handle a situation where you want to work through your own thoughts and feelings regarding your relationship without your spouse/partner present for the counseling process?  What therapy options are available to you if your relationship or marriage has ended and you are in need of support through the transition process?

Phoenix Couples Therapy for One counseling services at Crossroads may be the right fit for you.  If you can relate to one of the scenarios above then one of our expert relationship therapists can help guide you.  Our relationship counseling focuses on helping individuals who are dealing with relationship challenges by helping them to work through the complicated and often conflicting feelings that accompany relationship distress.  For instance, if you are in a situation where you are working through your thoughts and feelings regarding whether you should continue in your relationship a Crossroads relationship counselor will help you in this decision process.

When Your Spouse/Partner Does Not Want to Attend

Perhaps you very much want to stay in your marriage or relationship but your spouse/partner does not want to attend couples therapy.  Often times if one person attends couples therapy it will motivate the reluctant spouse/partner to attend.  This, of course, is not always the case.  It may that the reluctant spouse/partner may still refuse to attend couples counseling.  They may be think they can work the problem out with the help of a relationship therapist.  It could be they are anxious or afraid.  Or maybe they are just stubborn and refuse to attend counseling.

Regardless of the reluctant spouse/partner reasons for not attending couple’s therapy it will help you to work on your own issues so that you can become a better spouse/partner.  There are some positive changes that can occur in a relationship when only one person commits to creating change.  For example, when a previously attacking spouse/partner learns how their attack is a part of a larger pattern in the relationship they can modify their approach by being more assertive thus changing the dynamic.  Or when a stonewalling partner is able to recognize how their behavior triggers fear and panic in their spouse/partner they can then work towards being more responsive which can positively shift the relationship patterns.

There are cases where even in the midst of one person attending couple’s therapy the relationship will not improve.  The reluctant spouse will continue to refuse to attend.  These are often painful experiences for the spouse/partner who is highly motivated to improve the relationship.  Feelings of anger, hurt, loss and even abandonment are common place.  A Crossroads counselor will help you to work through these difficult emotions and to identify your next steps.

Phoenix Couples Counseling for One:  When Your Relationship Has Ended.

If your relationship has ended a normal grief reaction will occur.  There will be feelings of sadness, hurt, anger, fear, rejection and abandonment.  A person who is grieving the loss of a relationship or marriage can also slip into clinical depression.  A Crossroads Counselor will assist you in processing through the loss and help you move from despair into hope.  We will also help you to use your experience to become a better partner and a better you!

Next Steps

If you are in a situation where you need couples counseling for one then reach out to one of relationship experts.  Our Phoenix and Scottsdale Couples Therapy for One counseling services will bring you support, clarity, and guidance.  To learn more visit our Couples Therapy for One page on our website by clicking here.