Depression Quiz

Do you feel like your happiness is out of your control? We all go through periods where we feel sad or hopeless. General feelings of sadness may be caused by disappointment or a loss, and the feelings lessen over time. Depression, however, is different from feeling sad, and the earlier you are able to recognize and understand your depression the better.

Depression comes in a variety of forms and levels, and there are many approaches to treatment. Behavioral therapy focuses on your actions and how you can break free from harmful cycles. Cognitive therapy emphasizes helping you understand what you are thinking and how you can change negative thought patterns. Additionally, these approaches can be used together to work on your experience as a whole person.

You may have tried to work through or move past your depression on your own, but you can’t seem to shake feelings of despair and chronic sadness. Alternately, you not be sure if you are sad and need time or depressed and need treatment. This test is not meant to diagnose depression, but it can call attention to possible depression indicators. For an official depression diagnosis, you need to see a trained counselor.

Are You Depressed?

Below is a list of common depression symptoms and/or indicators. Please answer how often you experienced the following common symptoms over the past 3-4 weeks:

I have had little to no pleasure or interest in doing the things I normally/used to enjoy.

I have felt sad, down and hopeless.

I have slept either too much or too little.

I have had little to no energy.

I have had little appetite or I am eating too much.

I have felt bad about myself, like I am a failure and/or that I have let myself or my family down.

I have had difficulty concentrating.

I have had thoughts that I should hurt myself.

I have been moving so slowly that other people seem to notice.

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