As a Christian, Why See a Therapist?

As a Christian, you’re not immune to pain. Things like anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues don’t pass you by strictly because of your faith.

In fact, if they did, that wouldn’t be very Christ-like. Jesus calls Christians to “take up their cross.”  He explains that there will be suffering in life, and indicated that things will be difficult.

Holding onto your faith and recognizing that Christ has overcome the world should be at the core of everything you do.

But, it doesn’t mean you need to go through life struggling with mental health issues.

Mental Health Help Isn’t Wrong

While God is the ultimate healer, He has also given us the ability to help others while we’re on earth. He has made us beings with the ability to learn, grow, and educate others.

You wouldn’t think twice about going to the doctor for a virus, or going to the hospital for a broken arm, no matter how strong your faith. Your belief that the doctors could heal you doesn’t take away from your faith in God.

Keep in mind that God has given us these resources, and you might change your perspective on mental health help. God uses therapists as catalysts to help clear the mind and stay focused on the right things, rather than letting negative thoughts and unhealthy behaviors take over.

Jesus + Therapy

Instead of increasing your anxiety by thinking you’re somehow “betraying” your faith by going to therapy, consider using it as an addition to your faith.

There are many therapists who are also believers. Some even specialize in Christian counseling, and can help you from a Biblically-based environment so you feel comfortable.

You’re not letting go of anything by seeing a therapist. Rather, you’re adding to your well-being. No matter what is causing your mental health issues, you can lean into your faith while still recognizing that there are practical skills and strategies you can use every day to overcome your struggles.

They Aren’t Mutually Exclusive

Unfortunately, some Christians, and even some churches, still frown upon the mental health community. But, Christianity and therapy aren’t mutually exclusive. You can find peace in both areas of your life without compromising either.

The best part? When you’re working with a therapist, you’re still in control. They might be guiding you to overcome your mental health struggles, but you have every right to open up about things you might not be comfortable with. You don’t have to participate in things you feel might be compromising your faith.

Sharing Your Peace With Others

Jesus calls Christians to make disciples of others. Everyone does that differently. You might have the gift of evangelism, or you might feel more comfortable connecting with people on quieter, more personal levels.

Whatever the case, you’re going to have a hard time going out in the world to share the Gospel if you’re trapped by the chains of a mental health issue.

By seeing a therapist, working through those issues, and learning how to manage them, you can share your experience and your knowledge with others. There are many people in the Christian community suffering in silence because of mental health stereotypes. You can help to break down those barriers and encourage them to get the help they need. Not only will it help them find peace, but it can make the news of the Gospel clearer to them.

Hold fast to your faith. Pray often for God to help you with your mental struggles. But, don’t make the mistake of assuming therapy somehow makes you a “weaker” Christian. If you’re struggling, feel free to reach out for more information or make an appointment.

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