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Is Your Child or Family Going Through a Difficult Time?

Is depression, anxiety, or a lack of self-confidence limiting your child’s ability to function at home or at school? Is your child struggling to recover from a traumatic experience, grief, or loss? Has a divorce, separation, or other change at home led to increased conflict or a disconnect in the family?

Perhaps your child has begun acting out or misbehaving, but you don’t know what has changed or how to correct oppositional or defiant behavior. Or maybe you’ve noticed an increased distance or disconnect in the family, and you aren’t sure how to increase understanding, set clear boundaries, and bond with your spouse or children.

A healthy family dynamic fosters greater confidence and happiness for children, teens, and parents. It allows each individual to feel truly heard and to know that their doubts, fears, and needs will be validated. But every family is unique, and it may seem like no matter what you try, nothing provides the lasting results you need. And after months or years of trying to find a solution and the growing fear that you’re exhausting your resources, you may have begun to lose hope that your child and family can truly heal and grow together.

You might recognize that your family needs extra support and guidance, but you can’t shake the worry that marriage counseling or individual therapy for your child or teen will only address the symptoms of conflict without getting to the root of the issue. Many families share your same concerns. Thankfully, with Crossroads’ Family Therapy Treatment Program, you can give yourself, your child, and your family the healthy, happy home environment you all need to thrive.

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What Can You Expect From The Family Therapy Treatment Program?

This program is designed for families in crisis—families who aren’t satisfied with the results from traditional weekly counseling sessions; parents who are considering divorce but want to know they’ve tried everything before deciding to separate. In experiential, intensive family therapy treatment sessions, you and your family can gain the clarity, understanding, and practical communication skills you need to work through sources of conflict that are limiting your sense of trust, safety, and happiness.

Every family—and every individual in a family—goes through changes. Our goal is to help your family gain the specific tools you need to overcome challenges and work toward solutions with greater hope and confidence. And that means tailoring our work to your unique needs and goals.

Our comprehensive approach to family therapy includes group work and intensive programs, allowing us to adapt our work to best fit your family’s needs and communication style. We start by meeting with the parents and the teen or child to identify the goals you each want to work on. This collaborative methodology gives each individual a chance to share their needs. And with this information, we can set a clear action plan and determine which of our family treatment programs or counseling options will best serve the parents, the child, and the family as a whole.

The family specialists at Crossroads Counseling are proud to offer a range of resources and treatment modalities—including play therapy, art therapy, and Emotionally Focused Family Therapy—to help your family come together to improve communication and resolve conflict. In addition to working directly with teens and younger kids, we can also help parents or caregivers learn how to set effective limits and reward positive behaviors.

Whether we recommend individual therapy, child counseling, meeting with your family as a whole, or a combination of approaches, our work is always tailored to your unique needs and goals. With comprehensive guidance and support, you and your family can improve communication, increase trust, and learn to work through conflict as a team.

Our Family Therapy Treatment Programs

Teen DBT Therapy Group

Teen DBT

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) for teenagers aims to reduce problematic behavior patterns by teaching and practicing new skills. These skills assist in managing emotions, teaching interpersonal skills, and decreasing conflicts in relationships. In addition to helping teens and young adults, children as young as three years old can benefit from DBT.

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Love and Logic

In the Love and Logic program, parents learn to set firm limits without anger, lectures, or threats. By remaining calm and presenting the issue to your child in a neutral way that shows understanding, you are showing your child that you truly hear them and you are willing to work on a logical solution together.

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We understand that seeking counseling for your family, child, or teen can be a nerve-racking decision, which is why we offer a complementary 20-minute phone consultation. Our locations for family therapy are located throughout the valley with counseling centers located in Phoenix, Anthem, Biltmore/Arcadia, Paradise Valley, and Scottsdale.   Call us at 623-680-3486,text 623-688-5115, or email