Coping With Covid-19 by Crossroads Counseling

Together, we will get through this!

We are open and here for you during this unprecedented time of fear, worry, and uncertainty.  We are offering in person office visits and video therapy and telehealth therapy sessions during the Coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis.  This page is dedicated to providing you with the mental, emotional, and spiritual resources to help you during the crisis.  There are videos and links to our blogs specifically related to helping you and your loved ones. For more information about how we can be there for you please contact our office at 623-680-3486.  Text 623-688-5115. Email

All of our staff and counselors at Crossroads Counseling are committed to protecting your health.  The Coronavirus has impacted all of us in vastly different ways. It is the utmost importance to us to create as much predictability and consideration for your safety.   We want to share the steps we are taking in our practice to keep you safe.

  • If you are sick, experiencing any symptoms or have someone at home who is ill – we ask that you please stay home and opt for tele-health
    • If you choose to begin in-person counseling and you are exhibiting symptoms of illness, our counselors will gracefully request to reschedule through telehealth.
  • At this time, all in person sessions have a face mask requirement for counselors and clients to help minimize the spread of the coronavirus.  If you prefer to not wear a mask, we are happy to get you set up for telehealth.
  • We will be limiting each site to having two offices in-use for the time being to keep a limit of 10 people at a time inside
    • Site specific instructions for waiting and distancing will be posted on the front door of each suite
  • Counselors or clients may choose to continue telehealth for the time being due to safety precautions
    • Your individual counselor will reach out to you and provide an update
  • Counselors may opt to wear masks during sessions and clients may request their counselor to wear a mask to ensure comfort
  • We will be ensuring physical distance as much as possible – replacing handshakes, hugs and high fives with friendly air fives 🙂
  • We will suspend online scheduling for the time being in order to make sure we can add in the 15 minute breaks for cleaning
  • Appointment times will be staggered 15 minutes to allow for thorough sanitization of the office in-between clients
    • Hand sanitizer will be available at each office and counselors will utilize this in-between each session
    • Counselors will spray and wipe down all touched surfaces at the start of the day and in-between each session
    • Each office will be deep cleaned on a weekly basis
    • Coffee/tea machines will be removed for the time being

Thank you for taking the time to review these changes and we will keep you updated as they change in the future. We thank you for continued support and look forward to seeing each of you in-person again to navigate through this time in connection with one another. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at 623-680-3486.



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Our therapists are currently offering in person, online, video, and phone therapy sessions. Click here to learn more about telehealth.  Please reach out to us; we offer a complimentary 20 minute consultation for you speak to a therapist about your specific needs. Call us at 623-680-3486,text 623-688-5115, or email

We have offices throughout the Valley of the Sun including Phoenix, Anthem, Biltmore, Paradise Valley, and Scottsdale.