10 Ways to Fight Depression


10 Ways to Fight Depression

Depression doesn’t fight fair.

It keeps you pinned, knocked back, and disoriented.

It’s stinging lies feel like jabs…You’re worthless…You’re hopeless…You’ll always be alone.sad-468923_1280

And in order to stop the pain, you withdraw to your corner.

But if no one’s there to back you up, you’re trapped.

Depression doesn’t rest.

It keeps trash talking and hitting below the belt.

Depression wants you down for the count.

What do you do?

Whatever it takes to get off the ropes.

Consider the following ten ways to fight well:

1. Get some expert training.

You won’t want ask for help. But you and a trusted professional need to join forces.

Depression won’t tap out.

You and your mental health trainer will have to band together to stay in the fight.

2. Train your mind with routine and structure.

Depression does not want you to feel motivated to do much of anything. A routine can keep you going and be less likely to spend the entire day caught up in negative thoughts.

3. Train your body.

Depression will try to keep you pinned to the bed, the couch, or glued to the Internet. Tear yourself away for just ten minutes of aerobic exercise and you’ll see your mood elevated for hours afterward.

4. Prioritize quality rest and relaxation.

Sleep is not optional when you’re up against depression. Your mind is fuzzy and easily leads you into a negative mood without sleep to refresh you. Too much or too little sleep empowers depression. Seek balance instead.

5. Secure some more back up.

You need your people. Focus on connection and interaction. Quality relationships can head off depression, lift dark moods, and negate the idea that you are destined to be alone. Start small; enjoy a drink with an acquaintance or call a friend who’s messages you’ve been too down to return.

6. Eat well to feel well.

Nourish your mind with healthy, whole foods. Studies show depression is seriously diminished by regular intake of key foods. Omega-3 fatty acids and prebiotics are vital for mood stabilization. Foods like salmon, albacore tuna, and sardines are the best sources mood lifting Omega-3. Also try to limit sugar intake, caffeine, and processed foods.

7. Pet power.

“Pet therapy” has been shown to do wonders for mood disorders. Sometimes the needs of a pet can get you out of bed on a particularly rough morning. Pets are a point of external connection that can keep you motivated and moving forward.

8. Rein in your thoughts.

Thoughts are powerful. You can reclaim them, replace them, or discard them. They belong to you. You’ll feel more energized when you start to take a close look at how negative thought patterns are getting in your way. Maintain a mood or thought journal. Discus your triggers and symptoms with your therapist.

9. Be intentional.

One day, moment, or second at a time. That’s how battles are won. Rumination, isolation, and defeat seem inevitable when you’re feeling overwhelmed by the big picture. Resist depression’s power play. Focus on one small goal. Then take the next step. Distract yourself from depression with intentional action and one small victory at a time.

10. Offer genuine forgiveness.

If you hurt because of someone else’s bad action or find it difficult to forgive your own missteps, depressive rumination and withdrawal may result. Forgiveness allows you the mental space and ability to say, “I’m done,” and live beyond the event or circumstance that depression insists defines your life and move on.

Depression fights dirty.

You can overcome it with help, self compassion, and an eye on the prize.

You are not alone. Reach out soon and recover.

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