What It Means to Feel Grounded & How to Get There

Every day, you go through the motions of life. Time keeps passing by, even if you aren’t ready for it to do so.

But do you feel connected to the present, and grounded in the life you live?

It’s okay to say no. You aren’t alone.

What It Means to Feel Grounded

To “feel grounded” is to feel present in your body and connected with the earth, time, and place.

These moments usually align with when you feel most comfortable and at home in your current situation. You might say that those are the times you feel “in tune” with everything and every sensation is fully felt.

Why is it good to feel grounded? Consider some of the benefits:

  •  You can sense an inner peace within yourself
  •  It gives you the opportunity to better calm and balance your emotions
  •  You are able to better understand yourself and the way you feel

How to Tell if You’re Not Grounded

Do your days seem to blend into each other? Are you less in control of your emotions than you used to be? Do you feel as if you have a lot of disconnected or “out-of-body” experiences? As if you are floating above yourself, watching life pass you by?

For some, feelings of paranoia and anxiety may increase. Or you may have a hard time concentrating on things when you feel so disconnected. Perhaps, you are struggling to sleep at night and set goals during the day? If this tends to be a common experience for you, it may be wise to practice grounding techniques.

Becoming Grounded

There are many different techniques that will help you find comfortable ways to ground yourself. You can try these on your own, but be sure to set aside the time and not rush. Here are a few grounding options:

Deep Breaths

Trying to slow your breathing will bring you to a much calmer state. Think about the way oxygen fills your lungs as you inhale, and concentrate on the air flowing out as you exhale.


Yoga is a great way to connect your body to your mind. As you try different positions or stretches, allow yourself to focus on each part of your body as it moves. Take the time to notice how each movement feels.

Long Walks

As you walk around outside, concentrate on your surroundings. What sounds call to you? What does the breeze feel like against your skin? You could even focus on the pattern of your steps and count them to keep your mind centered.

Stimulating Showers

Nothing will jolt you back to your body faster than a cold shower. As the water flows down your body, allow yourself to connect to the flow and temperature and the way it feels on your skin. Also, cold showers have shown to be great to improve your mood as well.

Finally, Seek Help to Reconnect and Relax

It is not always easy to stay grounded, but it will prove to be the most beneficial for your mental health.

As always, there are plenty of other methods you can try. However, it is important to find the solution that best works for you. That way, you can experience what it means to feel grounded and learn how to maintain a state of peace.

If you are concerned that these methods are not working for you, consider seeking a safer and more professional space to work things out. Therapy, especially therapy for anxiety, is a great way to talk with someone who has the skills to guide you toward methods that will work best for you and your needs.

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