Spiritual Disciplines

Spiritual Disciplines

“The desperate need today is not for a greater number of intelligent people, or gifted people, but for deep people.” Richard Foster author of Celebration of Discipline

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How do Christians grow?  How does God transform Christians to be more like Christ?  Christian counselor Travis Frye and his wife and co-host Kari Frye talk about spiritual growth through the practice of what are historically known as the Spiritual Disciplines.  The Spiritual Disciplines are practices that the Christian can engage in to open the door to God’s love, truth, grace, and transforming power.

Travis and Kari talk about the two categories of Disciplines:  Disciplines of Engagement and Disciplines of Abstinence.  You will learn the difference between the two categories and about specific Disciplines such as Solitude, Worship, Prayer, Mourning, Fellowship, Silence, and many more.

The Connected Life with hosts Travis and Kari Frye is all about helping you to live a more connected life. We want you to be more connected to God, self, spouse, family, community, and to the world at large. It is our belief that more connected you are, the holier and healthier you will be!
Join hosts Travis and Kari Frye as we explore all facets of what it means to live the Connected Life.