Signs of A Troubled Marriage

Signs of A Troubled Marriage

Signs of A Trouble Marriage:  Aired on Feb. 21st, 2015.  

In this episode join your hosts, Travis and Kari Frye, as they discuss the 7 signs of a troubled marriage based on a blog written by Travis.  The 7 signs of a troubled marriage are:

Number 7

You stop laughing and enjoying one another

It has been said that laughter is medicine for the soul; well, it is also medicine for the soul of a romantic relationship. 

You have to keep having fun and enjoyment with one another. 

It is vital to keep your relationship healthy. 

Simply put, when you stop having fun and enjoying one another’s presence it can be an early warning signal that the relationship is in trouble.

Number 6

Minor annoyances turn into major grievances

Don’t make a mountain out of a molehill. 

Couples who are securely connected can overlook minor grievances without them becoming threats to the relationship. 

It is when there is a lack of security and safety in the relationship that the dirty dish left in the sink translates into, “You don’t care!” or  “This relationship is over!”. 

If you notice that you are on edge and small things that did not used to set you off end up in an argument then it can be yet another warning signal of emotional disconnection.

Number 5

Loss of intimacy and touch.

Do you notice that you no longer hold hands, cuddle, kiss, hug and share intimacy as often as you used to?  This could be a symptom of a deeper emotional disconnect in the relationship. 

In fact, one of the first signs of a relational disconnect is that tender touch and sex dissipate.

There is a larger issue here that I’ll briefly touch on and that is how women often need emotional connection first before physical intimacy and how men tend to need seek physical intimacy in order to feel emotionally connected.  This sets couples up in a vicious cycle that causes further disconnection.

If you’re just tuning in you’re listening to The Connected Life with Travis and Kari Frye on Family Values Radio.  We are talking about the 7 signs of Emotional Disconnection in Marriage.   

Number 4

Arguments become more frequent and intense. 

We all have some arguments with our spouse. 

If you notice that you are fighting more often and that things are getting worse then this is a sign of emotional disconnection. 

Gone is the feeling of trust and closeness.  Gone is the belief that your spouse/partner is your go to person. 

It is replaced by feelings of fear and hurt and a belief that your spouse/partner does not care. 

This is definitely a time to seek an experienced relationship therapist for relationship counseling.

Number 3

Unforgiveness and mistrust take root

It is inevitable that you will hurt the one you love.  We are all imperfect and this means hurts will happen. 

Unforgiven hurts will eat away at the couple’s trust

Love cannot live where there is no trust

Couples that do not have a way of repairing hurts they will stay stuck

You will feel angry and bitter or fearful and unsafe. 

Number 2

No arguments at all

You would think this would be a good thing, right?  The problem here is that not only is there no arguing; there is also little to nothing at all. 

Think of it as the cold, icy tundra.  No life!  No warmth!  Not much of anything!  This is a HUGE warning signal in any couple’s relationship. 

It usually means that one or both people in the relationship have shut down and detached. 

Number 1

You no longer share your vulnerability with your spouse.

Your spouse needs to be the #1 person with whom you can be the most vulnerable.

This includes praying with your spouse.   

We all need a safe and secure attachment to someone else. 

When you no longer share the intimate part (fears, hopes, dreams, etc.) of who are you it is only a matter of time before the relationship is at risk. 

Relationship counseling can help you to either recapture or create a strong emotional connection.


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