Insurance Made Simple

We don’t want finances to be an obstacle for you to get the help you deserve and to see one of our therapists. The last thing you want to do is stress about insurance when you are ready to start your journey towards healing.  Let us take as much off your plate as we possibly can so that you can focus on what matters the most:  feeling better.

We are out of network providers but that doesn’t mean you cannot use your mental health insurance benefits at our practice.  Our two step process is simple.  First, use the Peace of Mind Coverage Calculator below to receive instant and preliminary information on the out of network benefit for your insurance plan.  Second, set your appointment with a Crossroad’s therapist.  You will pay the fee at the end of your session.  Our billing team will provide you with a superbill for you to submit to your insurance plan.  You submit the superbill to your insurance and in 2-4 weeks you will be reimbursed directly by your insurance a percentage of the fee you paid.  Please note, only PPO plans can typically expect reimbursement.

We have partnered with Nirvana who makes mental health billing simple.  Nirvana’s Peace of Mind Coverage Calculator is a tool to help you identify your out of network benefits.

Please note that the information provided to you on the Peace of Mind Coverage Calculator is not a guarantee of benefits.  We ask that you verify the information is accurate and up to date by calling your insurance company and asking the following questions:

  • “Does my plan include out-of-network benefits for mental health care? Specifically, for outpatient psychotherapy?”
  • “Do I have a deductible for out-of-network mental health services? If yes, what is the remaining amount I will have to pay before my health plan starts to reimburse me for fees that I pay out-of-pocket?”
  • “What is the maximum amount my plan will reimburse for mental health service code 90834 (45 min. psychotherapy session) with a Psychotherapist?” If the rep does not provide a clear answer, ask: “What is the maximum allowed amount for mental health service code 90834 with a psychotherapist, and what percentage of the maximum allowed amount will my plan pay?” (This percentage of the maximum allowed amount is the amount you would receive as reimbursement.)
  • Other common mental health CPT codes you will want to check on are 90791 (diagnostic evaluation), 90847 (50 min. family psychotherapy with client present) and 90846 (50 min. family psychotherapy without client present).  Please note that most insurance payers also reimburse for telehealth therapy services although you may want to verify this with your plan.