Fear Cycles

Fear Cycles

Fear Cycles, Episode 1.  What Are The Fear Cycles? Part 1.  

Fear Cycles, Episode 2.  What Are the Fear Cycles? Part 2.  

Fear Cycles, Episode 3.  The 5 Steps to Stopping the Fear Cycle and Creating A Cycle of Grace.

In this episode join your hosts, Travis and Kari Frye, as they talk about common and negative patterns of interaction between couples known as Fear Cycles.  There are 3 types of Fear Cycles:  1.  Fight-Fight 2. Fight-Flight 3. Flight-Flight.  As the Fear Cycles take root in your relationship they cause more distance and disconnection.

Travis and Kari Frye will also share the 5 steps to creating a Grace Cycle which is a positive pattern built on trust, safety, security, and love.

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