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Family Bonding: 8 Ways To Connect With Your Kids

Family Counseling

With my firstborn son recently turning 10 years old I can validate what every other parent knows:  Enjoy every moment with your children because it goes by fast!  Time flies by so quickly that it is important to create opportunities that allow for bonding with your children.

Two parents hold the hands of their child walking in between them. Learn how family counseling Phoenix can offer support by contacting a parenting counselor in Arcadia, AZ. The family christian counseling center of phoenix can offer support today. With that said here are my top tips for parents to create bonding events with their children.

1. Get outdoors.

Whether you go hiking, biking, walking, running, or my personal favorite camping getting outside creates great bonding opportunities with your kids.  I have many wonderful memories of camping with my family as a child and have created a few precious memories with my children.  If you simply can’t get to a campground then try camping in your own backyard.  I did this a few years ago with my two sons and the experience was awesome.  We told ghost stories, looked at the stars, and when nature called had the convenience of our home bathroom!  Does it get any better?

2. I’m sorry!

That’s right, play board games such as Sorry, Monopoly, Candy Land, Life, Battle Ship, or any of the other classic and new games.  A family game night away from the TV creates opportunities to get to know your children’s personalities, laugh together, and sometimes cry and scream together.  Yes, I did say cry and scream because there has hardly been a game night when one of my competitive sons did not break down or go off in anger.

3. Engage in acts of service as a family.

There are many in need which means there are many opportunities for your family to grow closer to one another and help others through the process.  It can be as simple as mowing the lawn for an elderly neighbor or serving up turkey and mashed potatoes on Thanksgiving.

4. For many families the process of worshipping together enriches family life.A family smile while playing a board game with one another. This could represent the bonds cultivated by working with a parenting counselor in Arcadia, AZ. Learn more about internal family systems therapy in Arcadia, AZ and other services by searching for family Christian counseling center of Phoenix today.

Going to church does not have to be the only way a family can worship together.  Family worship in your home focused on singing songs, reading and learning about God, and praying for one another strengthen family connections, create a sense of safety, and foster an attitude of compassion.

5. Escape into another world by reading a book.

Getting close, snuggling, and escaping into another world not only increases your child’s creative ability, but it can also be a great avenue towards building your bond together.

6. Eat together.

Sounds simple, right?  But so many families miss out on this opportunity.  Eating meals together allows time to connect with your children about their day, share what’s going on for you, have fun, and can strengthen the family’s bond with one another.

7. Unplug.

A family look at a rocky landscape on a sunny day. Learn how a parenting counselor in Arcadia, AZ can offer support by searching for family counseling Phoenix or internal family systems therapy in Arcadia, AZ today.

Turning off the TV, computer, video games, phones, tablets, and all the other electronic devices the modern family has will create ample opportunities for parents and children to interact with one another.   My family recently “unplugged” for one week and after our initial withdrawal symptoms spent more quality time connecting and being close.  Give it a try and you will see that it is worth it.

8. Finally, creating a ritual surrounding tucking your children in at night can knit your hearts together.

Talk to your children about their day, ask them about their highs and lows, pray with them, stroke their hair, and tell them just how precious they are.

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