The Right Time for Couples Counseling: Should It Just Be a Crisis Situation?

Everyone experiences problems in their relationships from time to time.  Sometimes, however, these problems can get out of hand and lead to deeper, more complex issues.

If you’ve experienced relationship issues, you may have asked yourself: When is the right time to seek couples counseling?

Many of us tend to have a notion that counseling only benefits couples in crisis. However, any couple may benefit from counseling—no matter if you have relationship problems or not.

If your relationship is going well and you want to keep it that way, couples counseling can help you with that as well.

Couples Counseling for Communication Skills

One of the biggest issues that plague relationships are a lack of communication.  Do you sometimes feel like you and your spouse or partner aren’t on the same page?  Or does it seem like fights can easily escalate due to miscommunication?

It’s completely normal that two people may struggle to communicate sometimes.  This doesn’t mean that your relationship is in turmoil or doomed.  It simply means that you and your partner both have unique mindsets, and sometimes they may clash.

Fortunately, you can easily find ways to combat miscommunication with couples counseling.  A couples therapist can help you better understand where your lines of communication may be breaking down and leading to fights.  More importantly, they can help both you and your partner learn to cope and communicate more effectively. This means less fighting, less miscommunication, and more genuine, open conversation.

Getting on the Same Page

Along with communication, couples counseling can help align yours and your partner’s wants and needs.

Often, when we fall in love, it’s easy to lose focus on other aspects of our lives, like education, career goals, or starting a family.  However, if you and your spouse or partner have drastically conflicting mindsets about these life goals, the issue is going to crop up eventually.  Couples counseling can help you get on the same page about your goals—and stay there.

Planning for the Future

On a similar note to getting on the same page with your spouse or partner, couples counseling is great for those who want to plan a future together.

During a session, you can express your respective desires for the future.  You may agree on some things, and disagree on others.  And you may compromise on some things, while your partner compromises on others.

By planning your future together in counseling, you can give your relationship the best chance for long-term success.  Furthermore, you can move forward knowing that your relationship is sound and secure.

Handling More Severe Issues

While couples counseling is great for non-severe issues, it is also beneficial to those couples who are in crisis.

If you and your spouse or partner are on the brink of separation but want to make the relationship work, couples counseling is a great way to work through your issues.  There is no shame in needing outside help to get your relationship back on track.  In fact, an unbiased counselor is one of the best things you can offer your relationship.

The Right Time to Seek Couples Counseling

Because relationships are so complex, there isn’t an easy answer to when it’s the right time to seek counseling.  It comes down to you and your partner to determine when you think you may benefit.

If you sometimes find yourself wishing for better communication or a deeper emotional connection in your relationship, you may want to talk to your partner about trying out counseling.  Or, if you love your partner but are uncertain that you could have a future together, counseling can help you work through that issue as well.

If your partner or spouse does not want to attend counseling but you still want to see a couples counselor on your own to figure things out our Couples Counseling for One may be the best option.

Every relationship has its fair share of disagreements and issues. You may very well find that some you don’t consider to be huge at the moment end up being much more pressing a few years down the road.

Set your relationship up for success by considering couples counseling. No matter if your relationship is in a crisis or not, you can find peace, clarity, and stability through couples counseling at Crossroads.

We understand that the decision to seek couples therapy can be intimidating, which is why we offer a complementary 20-minute phone consultation.  This gives you the opportunity to understand how we can help you and your spouse or partner specifically, in your unique situation.  When you are ready to take steps toward strengthening your relationship, feel free to call contact us at Crossroad’s Counseling by calling us at 623-680-3486, texting 623-688-5115, or emailing and ask to speak with one of our counselors for couples.  We offer a 20 minute complementary phone call.  You can ask all the questions you have and see if couples counseling at Crossroads is the right fit for you.

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