Teen Counseling Scottsdale and Phoenix

Teen Counseling

Teen Counseling Scottsdale and Phoenix

Raising a teenager can be both rewarding and challenging.  This is why Crossroads Family Counseling Center offers teen and adolescent counseling services at both our Phoenix and Scottsdale locations.  Our teen therapy services focus on working directly with parents and with teens.  Depending on the situation and needs of the family and/or teen we will determine a plan of action that is best suited for you.  In most situations a combination of family and individual teen counseling sessions offer the best opportunities for success.

The first step is for the parent(s) or caregivers to have an intake session with a Crossroads therapist who will listen to the issues that are bringing the family/teen into counseling.  Once the therapist has a clear understanding of the concerns a collaborative approach between the parents and the teen is devised.  The next step in the therapy process will most likely be meeting with the teen.  This can be with the parents present, with the teen alone, or a combination of both the family and teen.  This determination is made by the Crossroads therapist.

Can You Help My Teen?

Teen Counseling Scottsdale and Phoenix

Teen Counseling Scottsdale and Phoenix

The types of issues or concerns Crossroads therapists help teens with are issues related to self-esteem, relationships, learning how to set appropriate boundaries, anxiety, depression, grief, loss, needing guidance/support, and for teens who making poor choices such as failing grades, hanging with the wrong crowd, truancy, drug or alcohol experimentation and use, and defiant behavior.  If your teen or family is struggling with one or a combination of these issues, and if you have tried traditional approaches to helping them with little or no success then teen therapy may be a good choice.

We will help you as a parent learn more effective ways to communicate with your child.  Through the family therapy sessions we will help you and your teen to express emotions and needs in a way that is clear and direct.  Once defensive emotions such as anger and frustration are removed from the interaction their is often a better opportunity for parents and teens to express themselves in a way that leads to better understanding and positive change.

A Crossroads counselor will also work with your teen to help them make better choices and to learn the tools they will need to effectively deal with difficult situations and emotions.  We want your teen to know how to effectively manage their emotions and behaviors and to ultimately make good choices as they move towards dependence into independence.

Help! My Teen is Totally Out of Control!

First of all there is help.  You are not alone.  We want to encourage you to reach out to us or another trusted counselor and find out what you need to do to take back the control and to help you teen.  In most situations teens act out because they need guidance, structure, love, and support.  Successful parenting finds the balance between demanding and holding our children accountable and providing them with love, affection, and care.  The goal of teen counseling is to help you find the balance.

There are some situations where a teen’s behavior is so out of control that traditional counseling and therapy may not be enough.  If this is identified as being your situation a Crossroads therapist will help you to find a high level of care such as intensive outpatient counseling, inpatient counseling, or a treatment program.

How Does Christian Teen Counseling Differ from Teen Counseling?

All of the counselors at Crossroads are Christians.  If your teen or family is open we will integrate Christian principles into the counseling and therapy process.  We work with people of all faith and cultural backgrounds so even if you do not share in our Christian belief system you are very welcome here!  Our offices in Scottsdale and Phoenix are conveniently located to serve you.  We look forward to helping you and your teen to have success in your relationships, life, and future endeavors.