Is Your Relationship At Risk?

Are you struggling to communicate and feel close with your partner? Your relationship – and the experiences you and your partner both bring – are constantly changing, which can lead to periods where you feel disconnected or frustrated with one another. Over time these uncomfortable periods can establish themselves as negative patterns of communication and interaction in your relationship, further increasing the distance or tension you are feeling. You might be overwhelmed or exhausted by the challenges you are facing and, as a result, you may become increasingly disengaged in your relationship.

The first step in breaking a negative pattern is being able to identify and understand why you and your partner both react the way you do. This relationship compatibility test is not meant define or treat your relationship challenges, but it can help you identify areas of difficulty and understand if your relationship would benefit from professional support or relationship counseling.

Couple's Relationship Compatibility Test – Is Your Relationship At Risk?

The following emotional and physical connections are commonly used to determine the level of distress in a relationship and whether or not your relationship is at risk.  It is important to note that there is no one right way to be in a healthy, loving relationship.

Please indicate how much you agree or disagree with the following statements about your connection with your partner:

I feel emotionally safe and secure in my relationship.

My spouse/partner is there when I need him/her.

I can be vulnerable with my spouse/partner.

I know that I come first with my spouse/partner.

I trust my spouse/partner.

My spouse/partner and I are sexually attracted to one another.

Sex is a way for my spouse/partner and I to feel close and connected to one another.

I am satisfied with the quantity of sex in my relationship.

I am satisfied with the quality of sex in my relationship.

My spouse/partner and I can openly talk about our wants, needs, desires and feelings when it comes to sex.

My spouse/partner and I resolve conflict successfully.

I can openly express my thoughts, feelings and needs with my spouse/partner.

My spouse/partner and I compromise when making decisions.

My spouse/partner and I seem to get stuck in the "same old fight".

I feel heard, respected and/or valued by my spouse/partner.

I feel closer to my spouse/partner as a result of working through conflict.

Our arguments escalate and get out of control.

I am worried about the future of my relationship.

My spouse/partner has had or is having an affair.

I love my spouse/partner, but I am not in love with him/her.


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