Family Ties: Why They Need to Remain Close

Our family circle can offer opportunities for love, stability, and belonging, like no other group experience. However, it can be easy to forget this during the whirlwind of life.

The demands of career, daily chores, cooking, shopping, and the intense physical nature of the early childhood years distract us. But children, of course, need the abiding attention and love of their parents.

Creating a close, caring relationship with their mom and dad prepare them for life. And, on the flip side, parents themselves will need these relationships as they age.

Keeping family ties close, though, isn’t always easy. Some of the following reasons can motivate you when things get tough.

Stability and Belonging

Our world is a crazy place. Groups are easily polarized across all kinds of lines. When we’re young, friendships can change on a dime for the smallest of things. As adults, even close friends may decide to sever ties with us for reasons we don’t understand. No matter our age, these situations can leave us hurt and lonely.

Family can provide us with belonging and sanctuary during these times. Even if we miss our friendships, we know that we are loved. We have roots that transcend the shifting sands of other social groups.


When children leave the nest, they still need the closeness of family relationships. It will change, of course, as they become adults and build lives of their own. But our confidence in ourselves forms early.

Our understanding of ourselves begins in our family unit. And these early roots and shared connections give deeper meaning to our lives as we grow up. These shared memories that span decades create closeness and connection.


The modern lifestyle means that many of us live in much higher isolation than ever before. But even if we live thousands of miles away, close ties provide an anchor.

When we face a serious illness, the birth of a child, or other big life changes, we need our family. Whether it’s a parent, sibling, or extended family member, we need someone to be physically present with us.

The practical assistance of someone who loves us is vital in these times. Sometimes our friends can help, but they probably can’t help to the full extent that our family is willing to.

Intergenerational Knowledge

Our youth-oriented culture means that all too often, the beauty of a relationship with our elderly family members is forgotten. This trend is regrettable.

We can learn so very much from the memories the elderly carry. They have witnessed family changes over the decades. Grandparents or great aunts and uncles can tell us what our parents were like when they were young. They can provide hope when they tell us how they overcame challenges.

The reminiscences of their early years provide invaluable history lessons and a real connection with the past. Stories from textbooks come alive when we hear a veteran talk about war experiences. We have new insight into how society has changed when elders talk about their younger years. Keeping these relationships close is so important.

Personal Growth

Being part of a family isn’t always easy. No other situation can challenge us—in a good way—to face our weaknesses and areas that need growth. When we’re raising kids, we realize how much we don’t know. We’re pushed to reach out to others for help and advice. Hopefully, we build the skills to control our temper. We learn to communicate more effectively.

And, at the same time, after we’ve grown up and moved out, we may need to work through issues from our family of origin. This situation isn’t necessarily bad.

Personal growth doesn’t stop when the kids leave, either. Aging parents will provide us with opportunities to grow and adapt. So will our children’s spouses and our grandchildren. It is a beautiful cycle. Keep those family ties close!

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