Briana Stonelake, LCSW

Life is too hard!  You are not meant to do it alone!  Briana’s hope is that you will not feel isolated on your journey.  She will help you to have a safe place where you will be heard, validated, and find freedom on the other side of pain.
Briana is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker providing services for nine years in various mental health settings. She is EMDR certified, utilizes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Strengths Based Therapy, and offers Christian counseling for clients who desire integration of faith and psychology.  Her goal is to collaborate with you to process through negative life experiences, help reduce stress, and work to bring out the best version of you with joy, hope, and excitement for the future ahead. Briana will work together with you to avoid relational conflict, address triggers from past events and help you find happiness. She specializes in trauma, anxiety, depression, family stress, and relational issues.
As your therapist, Briana will collaborate with you to process through difficulties, empower you to reduce stress, make a plan for moving forward, improve relationships, and find your deeper purpose in life.  You and Briana will work together to develop tools to avoid relational conflicts, address triggers and help you find genuine happiness.
Briana works with adolescents, adults, couples, individuals and families.  She is available for in person office sessions as well as virtual telehealth therapy.
Now, imagine waking up energized, smiling and looking forward to your day. Imagine feeling focused with your stress in check, while having the tools in hand to achieve success. Success at work, in relationships, and within yourself.  This is possible! Briana Stonelake looks forward to working together with you to empower you towards happiness and health!
To schedule an appointment with Briana Stonelake, please call 623-680-3486 to set up your complementary 20 minute phone consultation to learn how Briana can help you.
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